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Rites of passageguide

Sonja loves listening from their heart and co-creating spaces of choice for remembering authentic, attuned contact and returning to intimacy with ourselves, each other, all life forms, and the Earth.


People appreciate Sonja's clarity, spaciousness, curiosity, creativity, compassion, ability to be with, and multi-sensory awareness of human dynamics.

Sonja has been working in the field of trauma integration since 2014, specialising in supporting children and teenagers recovering from war traumas, as well as adult survivors and perpetrators of sexual assault. They also accompany people in recovering from abusive relationships.

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”  - Maya Angelou

They offer their loving presence as:

• Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide

Medicine Walks, 24h Solos, Vision Fasts in the wilderness, to mark life transitions. Trained with the School of lost Boarders.

 Mentoring Individuals,  Communities & Relationships. 

Rites of Passage Guide, accompanying people, families, communities & organisations in

life changes, marking the transition from one phase of life to another, with meaningful self generated ceremony.

• Life Guide for challenging times, trauma integration, reconnecting with the earth, self love, menarche & cycle awareness, your sexuality, voice liberation, conscious conception, living your truth, conflicts, relationship challenges & changes, consensual non-monogamy, decision making, physical death, loss, grieving, anger, suicidal ideation, child sexual abuse, repair work.

• Mentor to leaders and people in positions of power, guiding them to see their gifts and blind spots to serve their co-workers, communities and all life with integrity. 

• Facilitator of Wheel of Consent® and

Ritual Play workshops and sessions.

• Life witness and Council facilitation

• Educator in the topics of: consent, community building, clearing fields, the art of repair, child sexual abuse and trauma informed relationships, families, communities, and work environments.

• Artist - singing, poetry, writing, installations. 

Currently in training to become a pregnancy, post- partum and birth companion.


"I love water, wales, trees, bees, humans, questions, singing, dancing, poetry, co-creation, traveling, alive food, researching, space to be with what emerges, the power of Intuition, softness, honesty, Council circles, kissing, wind touching skin, living slowly and being available to life, bleeding, breathing, smelling, dawn, rainbows, shooting stars, curiosity, this fascinating human experience."

Sonja Ava Eiger

Sonja Eiger

To work with me

I work 1:1, with couples(poly&mono), groups, communities, teens, children and systems.

By word of mouth, request or invitation. With fixed prices, sliding scales & gift economy.

If you resonate, have questions, or want to have a check in call to see if we are a match to work together, contact me at:

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